About our Yoga studio


MyYoga offers both Yoga courses and drop-ins. To come on a drop-in class, download the app Mindbody. Sign up and find «Snarøya yoga». Find which classes you want to participate in and register. It is not possible to pay in the app, you will instead receive an invoice on email later.

Notice that there is a 24 hours cancellation policy on drop-ins.

Yoga courses

New yoga courses will start in week 43 and last for 8 weeks.

When you sign up for a course, you will get these benefits:

  • 20 % discount on the cheapest course if you sign up for 2 courses
  • early bird rights for next course
  • 12 Hours cancellation policy, you can catch up classes on other same length classes during the 8 weeks (under the condition that there is free spaces on the class you want to take )

Payment is through Vipps. If you do not have the possibility to use Vipps, please contact me.

Note: Registration is binding.

For information about Yin yoga, please follow the link:

Benedicte, Agnete, Liv Reidun & Inger-Marie


Yoga Basic w/Inger-Marie

Yoga Basic is a slow and easy class for those who are looking for a better and painfree back, shoulder and hips. We will focus on strengthening weak muscles, loosen up in tight muscles, balance and breath awareness. Yoga for «office bodies». Suitable for pregnant ladies, beginners, seniors or others who need a slower class for different reasons. Class will be taught in Norwegian, but English asana names will be used.

Time: Mondays: 19.15-20.15. Starting 21. October. 8 weeks.

This course is FULL. 😊 Please get in touch for waiting list.


Dynamisk yoga w/Inger-Marie

A physical class where we challange the whole body, improves the flexibility, strengt and balance. The class will start with a thorough warm up, variations of sun salutations, standing postures and seated postures. Including forward folds, backbending, twist and sidestretching. Level of class can be adjusted to more novice practitioners and more advanced. Ending with savasana. Class will be taught in Norwegian, but English asana names are used like down dog etc. 8 weeks course.


  • Mondays: 20.30. Starting 21. October. This course is FULL, please contact us for waiting list.
  • Wednesdays 19.15. Starting 23. October. This course is FULL, please contact us for waiting list.


    Mensendieck w/Liv Reidun

    Mensendieck is about creating bodyawareness through tension and relaxation of muscles. We focus on exercises for increased strength, mobility, better posture, correct use of muscles and joints together with breath. Suitable for all levels, individual adjustments. Class will finish with relaxation. Class will be taught in Norwegian.

    Time: Tuesdays at 16.30-17.30. Starting 22. October. 8 weeks course.


    Yoga for men w/Inger-Marie

    Class will be suitable for all, but let the instructor know ahead of class if you have any injuries etc. We will focus on Vinyasa yoga, moving between different yogapositions to make the body warm. This class will improve your flexibility and mobility, especially hamstrings, hips and shoulders. Practicing yoga regularly will increase body awareness og mobility, improve posture and balanse, and can reduce pain. My goal is to make your body work better. You do not have to be flexible to start doing yoga, that is the reason you should start! 😉 Class will be taught in Norwegian, but English names for asana postures are used.

    Time: Wednesdays at 20.30-21.30. Starting 23. October. 8 weeks course.


      Beginnerscourse in Ashtanga Yoga w/Benedicte

      Ashtanga yoga is a fun and more demanding form of yoga where you practice a series of posteres. This series consist of sun salutations, standing postures, seated postures and closing posteres. This form of yoga will make you both stronger and more flexible. As you become more experienced in Ashtanga there are a lot more advanced postures you will be able to try when you are ready.

      Once you have done the beginners course you are ready to participate on the more Advanced classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

      Time: Thursdays at 18.15-19.30. Starting 24. oktober.


      Ashtanga Yoga w/Benedicte

      A challenging class where we practice the first series in Ashtanga yoga. It is a fun and demanding form of yoga where you practice a series of postures. To participate in these classes you must be familiar with Ashtanga yoga, a minimum of one beginners course from us og elsewhere is necessary.


      • Tuesdays at 19.30-21.00. Starting 22. October. 8 weeks course.
      • Thursdays at 19.45-21.15. Starting 24. October. 8 weeks course.